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Galaxy’s Edge - No More Reservations

The day has finally arrived! If you missed the chance of having a reservation for the first month of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, fear not. Monday, June 24th, 2019 is the first day all park guests will be allowed to enter the park without a reservation. This is very exciting for those who have been patiently waiting their chance to get inside. Oga’s Cantina will also now Be requiring reservations which we knew would have to happen. In case you were not aware already - most people with tickets were not lucky enough to have a less than three-hour wait to get in and many, like myself, were blocked from entering after waiting because our time limit came to an end.


I'm sure you have heard my rants about my bad experiences with the land so far. Lol. However, I did hope that it gets better, and you all start having great experiences there once everything gets squared away. Definitely getting in there on the second day was a major fail, in my opinion, but I completely understand that they have to adjust things. As of right now, they have basically fixed all the flaws that I experienced, so I am excited to see how much better this will get. I'll have to blog a review on the land here soon, but if you have time to watch my 50-minute review on YouTube, you should click my link and head over there right now.


Bright Suns Everyone! ☀️