AP Corner

Are you wanting to get your Annual Pass (Annual Passport/AP) to Disneyland, but don't know quite where to start? It is always a difficult decision trying to figure out which Annual Pass you should get or even if you should get one at all. I have created an easy to follow guide for you to make this decision an easier one. If you are interested in finding out more information about the Walt Disney World passes head over to the AP Corner under the Disney World Section. 

What is an Annual Pass? Well, it is a ticket to the park that gets you into the park year-round. These passes usually expire exactly 12 months from your purchase date. (Subject to blockout dates depending on your pass). Block out dates mean a day where you will not have access to the park usually on national holidays or historically crowded weekends.

To start this comparison, I would like to show you the current 2019 prices for regular park tickets. Regular tickets will allow us to make a good comparison to see the savings you could receive from having an Annual Pass. (Prices are always subject to change each year. The prices you see currently are the 2019 set prices). Prices per day vary now based on value days, regular days, and peak days. A value day means it is historically a slow or quieter day in the parks than usual. A regular day is just that; a day with normal crowd levels, so it is a regular priced ticket. Peak days are going to be the most expensive tickets because those are usually the weekends, major holidays, or when the parks are known to be at high occupancy.

Park Tickets 2019 Pricing

1-Day 1-Park ticket

  • Value $104

  • Regular $129

  • Peak $149

    • 5-Day 1-Park ticket $340

These tickets are only good for one park (Disneyland or Disney California Adventure). Multi-day tickets must be used within 13 days of first use.

1-Day Park Hopper ticket

  • Value $159

  • Regular $179

  • Peak $199

    • 5-Day Park Hopper ticket $395

These tickets allow you access to both parks; Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Disneyland Annual Pass 2019 Pricing

Annual Pass comparisons are only between the AP and the Park Hopper tickets. The reason being that both AP's and Park Hoppers get you access to both parks. It is inaccurate to compare an AP to a 1-day 1-park ticket. This makes the comparisons more ideal, fair, and accurate.

MaxPass is a part of the Fastpass system via the Disneyland app. It allows you to make ride reservations and includes Photopass. This has become a very convenient way of handling your days in the park. You can be sitting at dinner making a ride reservation from your phone, instead of having your designated Fastpass runner or wasting time walking to a ride only to find out they have no more Fastpasses available. Maxpass is only included in the highest level of Annual Pass. You can add Maxpass to any Annual Pass for $100; giving you digital Fastpasses and Photopass for the whole year.

Southern California Select Passport $399

(Only for Southern California Residents)

  • 2-3 visits to pay for itself

  • Blockout dates apply

Flex Pass $599

  • 3-4 visits to pay for itself

  • Blockout dates apply

      • Advanced reservations required to enter the park(s). You can only make one days reservation at a time. In order to make another park reservation, you have to clear or use the initial reservation. This is a new system and a new pass type for 2019. If you are not someone

Deluxe Pass $799

  • 4-5 visits to pay for itself

  • Blockout dates apply

Signature Pass $1,149

  • 6-7 visits to pay for itself

  • Blockout dates apply only for the two weeks surrounding Christmas (one week before; one week after)

  • Parking included

Signature Plus Pass $1,399

  • 7-9 visits to pay for itself

  • No blockout dates

  • Parking included

  • MaxPass included

Premier Pass $2,0099

  • 11-13 visits to pay for itself

  • No blockout dates

  • Parking included

  • MaxPass included

  • Annual Pass for both California and Florida. Valid Entry to all Disneyland Resort Parks and Walt Disney World Resort Parks.

  • This pass must be purchased in person at the park and cannot be purchased online