It's the Holiday Season


The Disneyland Resort is roughly halfway through the holiday festivities that will be coming to an end January 6, 2019. Disney California Adventure is holding its annual Festival of Holidays (FOH), which has been drawing in massive crowds. Actually, both Disneyland Park and DCA have been at what seems to be the highest level of attendance in the past ten years. Disneyland is again offering what park goers refer to as snoap that is a Disney version of snow. It's really soap, but it's bubbles are dispersed through machines that blow all over Main Street is such tony fragments that resemble snow.


The crowds have been what I would call ”horrendous” in comparison to the past few years. Last year in 2017 we all remember the madness of the four-hour security lines, the parks reaching maximum capacity, and the resort parking lots closed to guests. Judging how other non-major holidays have gone in 2018, I think it best to prepare your self for waiting in increasingly long security lines and parking lot closures until the end of the year.


Will you be going to the parks this winter break or will you be avoiding the parks until school starts again? I know I will be without a doubt avoiding the parks for the next two to three weeks. Good luck to all those who are braving the chaos.